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A Woman and Hispanic-Owned Small Business specializing in life science, mission science, and hardware services for fostering the frontier of microgravity research.

We believe fundamental discoveries made in space-based environments drive technologies that improve life on Earth. Our clients represent a wide array of backgrounds across academia, industry, and government that are pioneering scientific breakthroughs that enable long-term human spaceflight and advance terrestrial biotechnology.

As an official space-flight implementation partner of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory, our team of Ph.D. scientists and business experts offer clients mission-science resources and strategic partnerships to effectively navigate the unique challenges associated with space-based research. We are a task driven scientific management company that takes pride in achieving direct and satisfying results for our retained and project-based clients. 

Operations at Rhodium focus consistently on value added enhancements, innovative approaches, and realistic implementations. This enables us to communicate to our clients fair recommendations, real-time feedback, and information needed to accurately sustain high-level projects for a short or long-term project duration.   

CEO & Founder – Olivia Gamez Holzhaus

HolzhausO_D15-008-790_ppaOlivia is a science trained, business educated professional, with over ten years of operational experience in commercial science industries. She is dedicated and involved alumni to Texas State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, was member of the world-famous Texas State Strutters, and conducted undergraduate research studies on the long-term effects microbial biofilm communities in an aquatic environment.

After completing her degree, Olivia began working at Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®), one of the largest and most prestigious applied research and development organizations in the United States.

While at SwRI®, she served as the Institute’s inorganic trace metals analyst, microbiological scientist, assistant DoD program, and new client project manager. Through the Management of Technology Program at the University of Texas (San Antonio), Olivia graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Science degree focused on business operations and innovation strategies for high-technical and scientific industries.

Following SwRI®, Olivia transitioned to a senior service engineer position for a multinational corporation focused in human and environmental health. Here, she managed client equipment operations, training, and triage for government, commercial and academic laboratories spanning the United States. Olivia was lead engineer for multiple high-level service and applications projects, where she closely worked with the company’s instrument designers, regional service and product specialists. After starting Rhodium, she became an independent product specialist for the company, and was classically trained on wide array of analytical units and applications in order to support specific R&D requests from their specialized clientele.

Olivia’s desire to work closely with industry-wide scientists in the areas of analytical training, method development, and industry standards led to the launch of Rhodium Scientific. The company quickly excelled when she solidified a 2-year federal contract for on-site scientific facilities management and oversight of the relocation.  Following this, Rhodium was recognized by Fortune 500 companies and Texas State University as an emerging force within the life science industry. Olivia’s dedication as a young minority woman to push towards scientific advancement and innovation makes her an inspiration, as she strives to be, to those similar and with aspirations of pursuing any role in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.


Rhodium: Supported within T3DC’s Biotech Accelerator Program

Rhodium is a member of The Texas Technology Development Center (T3DC), a business accelerator focused on supporting emerging biotech firms with early-stage technology and potential for commercialization.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, T3DC is limited in space and in high demand due to its focus in providing early-stage investment capital and commercialization expertise to entrepreneurs, boosting development of commercially viable technologies, and to ready the business for outside investment. The qualification requirements to become a T3DC tenant is rigorous but highly rewarding.