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Proper implementation of protocols is vital to laboratory efficiency and operation. Technical training is an imperative component that requires knowledgeable staff and personnel. We can collaborate with your company to implement extensive methods and procedures so your facility can perform to the highest of standards. We offer on-site and remote training for instrument diagnostics, repair and preventative maintenance for preventing equipment downtime and optimize performance.


Our team provides technical project management for medical and laboratory facilities. As scientific liaisons, we clearly communicate client construction and relocation scope expectations between subcontracted and general contract teams.
Budget oversight is an essential factor to project management. By negotiating contracts and quotes, we are able to provide high cost benefit to each project. We also manage analytical and medical equipment installation, operational and maintenance documents, schedule preventative maintenance, vet contracted crew, maintain logistics, schedules, and complete punch-list items.


Rhodium provides on-site research and development optimization through protocol design, equipment training and validation, and overall quality control limit assessment and operations. Our team is experienced and trained to support technical personnel in analytical sample digestion, method development, and data interpretation. We work directly with scientists to understand laboratory goals and project objectives to obtain high-efficiency that is aligned with industry best practices. When required, Rhodium can also support equipment operations through a range of hardware and analytical training, a suite of qualitative and quantitative analysis, to determine the of organic and inorganic composition of a wide range of sample types.


Rhodium conducts subcontractor vetting and coordinates all logistics for projects featuring one equipment unit or multi-million and phase tasks

We create opportunities and provide the capabilities needed for public engagement and achieve science objectives within the life science community.  Operations at Rhodium focus consistently on value added enhancements, innovative approaches, and realistic implementations. This enables us to communicate recommendations honestly, provide real-time regulation feedback, insure prompt response times, and accurately sustain high-level projects. We have the resources and dedication to provide small and large companies with high-level support and results. 

We go the extra mile by initially conducting detailed client consultations, prior to project assignment, to identify the most qualified vendor(s) and appropriate deliverable for the task. From this, we materialize our client’s scope and work with our industry leaders and our partners to determine the most efficient and fairly priced mechanism to accomplishment. We assure that any vendor selected for the task is properly credentialed and insured. Vendor quotes will be provided with feasible prices and accommodating schedules, with easily identified contractor roles and logistics.

During project processes we maintain direct communications with and serve our client as technical liaison by accurately conveying directives, desires and changes to applicable contractors and staff. We’ve found that this service helps alleviate our client of time-consuming logistics, consolidates multiple points of contact, mitigates error, and clearly delivers scope until project end.

Outsource services focus on turn-key standards and solutions designed to enhance project performance and efficiency with desired outcomes

Final reports and closeout documentation (installation, validation, photos, training, waivers, invoicing, etc.) due from Rhodium and vetted subcontractors will be clearly defined, compiled, and submitted in a timely manner to ensure task completion, accuracy and client satisfaction. From the closeout documentation, Rhodium can also provide a unique value-added service to our client by creating marketing materials derived from project processes that promote the resulting new capabilities and/or increased capacities.